About us!

Gem – I’m a 19 year old big dreamer. I come from a small village outside of Bristol, England. Brought up alongside my two sisters and younger brother I have been taught to work hard to get what I want. This means I am a collected and motivated young person. Travelling and learning about the history of our world is what I want to acheieve in my life time, I have a Diploma in Acting and an unhealthy obsession with coffee!


Lucy – At 23 years old and having travelled numerous countries already I have found my true passion. I’ve been an actor from a young age and a lover of all cultures and the past world history. I dream of looking back on my life and feeling successful, being able to share stories of my travels with my grandchildren, seeing the happiness on their faces!


Together – We’re here to educate and help out rookie travellers, be it solo, pairs or groups of you! With numerous tips, hints and advice posts we want to help enable you to travel, like us.

We are currently in: East Brisbane, Australia.