Why are we still fighting for gay marriage?

It’s freaking 2017. Why are we still talking about gay marriage?

Gemma, you can’t say that.

Gemma, that’s stupid.

Gemma, what the heck?

Stop. Stop right there, I’m going on tireless tangent I’m sure, but I am so sick of hearing about how basic human rights are not available.




Being gay isn’t a choice or a change of heart. Love isn’t just heterosexual. Being able to marry the love of your life is not a privilege.

We are spending too much time thinking, discussing and putting off the normalisation of having the ability to love whoever the fuck we want.

“It’s unconventional to raise a child in a homosexual environment, the child will struggle to find it’s identity” – a real quote I heard someone say.

“Being gay is straight up wrong!” – a real quote that was said to me in an open discussion about gay marriage, today.

I want to bring to attention the terrorist attacks, the American government, white supremacists etc, these are the issues we should be talking about. Not the fact that in 2017, a basic right as small as the ability to marry is still unavailable to some. I’m disgusted that this is still a fight being fought, a very real, for some, very scary fight. I want to make it readily known to all my friends, all my followers and readers, if you do not support gay marriage in the same way you support and believe in heterosexual marriage, unfriend me.

People, let us be done with the fight for love.

Love is love.

Love is love.

Love is love.


(not my image)

-stay cool & read something this week-

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