Lets talk about health!

Hello friends!

This time I want to shine some light on a personal journey of mine, and it’s all about health, diet, and exercise!

So let’s go back to the basics, my relationship with food has never been an easy one. From a pretty young age I was aware of thinking about eating and linking it to feelings of negativity and anxieties.

I would often suffer panic attacks whilst eating dinner surrounded by my family, or I would be so scared of choking that I would just pretend I was ill, to get out of eating. Shortly after this I then also started subconsciously linking some foods to some illnesses, avoiding sweets and fizzy drinks for fear of developing diabetes or suffering a heart attack. I remember never being older than 15 when these thoughts would consume my mind.

Fast forward to college and it’s the same issue, though when I found myself able to eat, I would, until I felt sick. Anybody can see this is an insanely unhealthy relationship to have with food. Only in the last three to four years have I really grasped the concept of enjoying food, and I have nothing but time to thank for that.

Consequently; I have found my health has stayed around a similar mark but my weight has fluctuated like crazy. You will not believe when I say I have been under 10 stone and over 14 stone all in the space of, three years?! So that leads me onto my next point.

There was a point in time where I was so obsessed with my body image, I would find myself at the gym every day. And I don’t mean a nice hour here and there, I mean probably between three and four hours of vigorous cardio. Lets stop and do the maths quickly. Four hours a day, and seven days in a week. That’s 28 hours of cardio a week, I remember very clearly not seeing any results, this phase probably went on for two and  a half months.

I didn’t see any progress during this time, for one, I was still eating the same, still eating until I felt sick some days, and others eating less than five hundred calories. I found myself in a vicious circle.

Then amidst all of this, I moved to Australia. Moving has changed my life from all angles, firstly, with regards to my health, I am no longer obsessed with my image. I think I owe this to the sheer drastic change in my life that distracted me to such an extent, I just didn’t have time to focus on the little things! Secondly, fresh food is so much more readily available here. In fact, since moving here, I have dropped two stone. For those of you who use pounds and kilos, let me do the math.

Two stone = 12.7 Kilograms = 28lbs

And the best part? I am still going! The super important part here though, is I eat three meals a day, I cycle most places and I have a healthy relationship with food! A couple of tips that  could help you guys?

  1. Eat whole foods, processed and junk food are probably a big chunk of the problem, if you indulge!
  2. Exercise regularly, but there is no need to be obsessed and stress out if you don’t get some of that good, good, in one day!
  3. Stop checking your weight on the scale everyday, I was definitely doing this, and just not helped me so much. We drink water and eat food during the day, meaning there are a couple of pounds that shift around day to day!

The biggest part of all of this is to just live, live in this moment now. If you ever feel like you need help, then ask for it! There are so many people who struggle with so many issues, so just remember you are not alone!

Finally, I’d like to talk about my current goals, I am struggling with acne at the moment, and figuring out what is causing it is one long journey. Trying to cut out gluten, then dairy etc!

So I would love to have that under control in the near future.

As for my health, I’m okay as I am now, so my only goal is to maintain a healthy and wholesome diet.

I have also gone veggie, for those of you who didn’t know, I was for a real long while there but didn’t keep it up. This time around I have high hopes and expectations!


-stay cool & read something this week-

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