Wearing Twice.


I love that word, you should love that word, in fact, it should be our favourite word.

Wearing an outfit twice is reality, we don’t all have bottomless purses, and if you do… Well, that’s good for you!!

Lets talk about the how to, today. How to change up the “same” outfit, how to make it look fresh and new. For my example today, the base outfit consists of a gorgeous velvet miniskirt from Zara, a reddy orange pair of velvet boots – again from Zara, and a plain black long sleeve top. Pretty simple, and I have definitely worn before.

For outfit one, I went gothic chic, adding a long kimono from Boohoo, which (as you can see, and as I wanted, changed the whole look!)

I paired both outfits with a simple black handbag, nothing overstated or loud.  As a side note, both outfits will work with hair down and up!
The kimono was a great match as it kind of  muted the whole outfit and really drew attention to the shoes.

Paired with oversized glasses, it’s an elegant and timeless look, you can definitely not go wrong with a little (lot of) black!


To change it up again, I simply changed the kimono for a white oversized cape, this added a French kind of Paris – fashion – week – feel to it. I felt I should have been walking down the Seine smoking a cigar. I’ll post some photos to show you!

Unfortunately this cape was thrifted, so is one of a kind – sorry!!


– stay cool & read something this week –

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