What Visa do you need?

We know that Visas can be confusing, so many types, websites and scams out there, so we are going to help you in just a few easy steps!

Step One:

Know when, where and what you will be doing on your trip. Be it 2 weeks holiday, 12 months working holiday or just visiting relatives. Know what you’re doing so it’s clear from now what you need to take into account when applying for any kind of Visa.

Step Two:

Research, research and research. In some countries a months holiday Visa may be free, but in another may cost you. I cannot stress how important sorting your Visa is. Do it first. Do it as soon as you can and do not leave it to the last minute.

Step Three:

Make sure you apply now. A really important point to remember is to apply through official government websites. These will not charge you a service fee, however money making “safety blogs” can charge you up to £200, just for being unsure! When applying for a Visa you should only be charged for your actual Visa, and that’s if there’s even a cost to it! (For example Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417, valid only in Australia).

Step Four:

If and when your Visa gets granted, read the whole thing. Small print is much more important than that of a game instruction this time, I’m afraid. Pull out your glasses and make a cup of tea. Not only to travel healthy and know what you are/ aren’t allowed to do (for example on a Subclass 417 you can only work for one company for a maximum of six months), reading your Visa small print will enable you to know your rights, should you need them.


Don’t stress, just be thorough. I know that even the sound of the word Visa probably makes you want to pull your hair out at this point but it isn’t actually a world ending chore. It’s just part of the bundle you get when you decide to travel.

For any of our followers who might be confused/ concerned feel free to reach out to us for more tips down in the comment section!


Thanks for reading!


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