Must Have Travel Apps!

Today I’ve compiled a list of essential travel apps, ones I have used and still use! It’s important to note that this post is not sponsored and all views/ opinions are my own.

At number one I have; AirBnb.

This app is amazing for finding last minute, low price houses/ apartments for you to stay at. I have used this one many times and just can’t fault it! Available on both the App Store and Play Store!

For £30 off your first trip sign up using this link!

At number two I have; PayPal.

This app is fantastic and honestly even if you aren’t a traveller you’d be silly not to use it! It protects your credit/ debit card from fraud when buying online, and for using apps like Uber overseas it stops the overseas transaction fee, if you didn’t know! So a fraud stopper and little money saver!




Number three is Uber. 

Though I don’t suggest using this one all the time, for important trips/ trips where you have a tight schedule this app is fantastic and prices are fair too! Most countries/ big cities have a lot of drivers available. I know I have this handy little app readily available!

For money off your first Uber sign up with this code!


Number four is Google Maps.

Having an IPhone, it came with Apple Maps. But if I’m being honest, apples version of maps is just awful. With Google Maps you can save an area so even if you’re in flight mode you can still navigate! If you’re prone to getting lost (like me), you can even save your accommodation place and even pin point it! (I KNOW. Here’s to never getting lost again)



Number five is some form of local bus/ transport app. The one I have is called Bus and Train.

Having one of these apps is smart because you then open up a whole world of public transport and exploring you can do!


And finally, some form of currency converter.

This app with help you with money spending/ saving. I used mine religiously whilst I got used to the GBP to AUD exchange rate.



If you guys have any other apps, leave them in the comments below as I’m always looking for more!

Thanks for reading!


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