Myths about living in Australia…

Before we came out to Australia our friends, family members and co – workers were telling us horror stories and silly myths about this beautiful country. We thought it was only appropriate to share some of them with you guys! (obviously these aren’t true, just stories and silly little lies to keep you up at night)

  • That you have to check under the toilet seat for black widow spiders. Yep, you read that correctly, for the first week or so that toilet was scanned for lil’ creepy crawlies. Alas, we never found any, but the point still stands!
  • You will almost indefinitely get eaten/ attacked by a shark if you step into the ocean. Now, obviously there are hazardous sharks here and shark attacks are a thing. But statistics show you’re more likely to die trying to get a snack out of a vending machine! Ouch.


  • Koalas just roam the streets, along with the Kangaroos. Definite myth, Koalas and Kangaroos are actually pretty hard to find in the wild, let alone on the streets of Melbourne!
  • All Aussies eat is Vegemite. For breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks. Much like Marmite, a lot of people here have a love/ hate relationship with the spread. We’re going to give it a miss, just like Marmite, thank you.

VEGEMITE Is Turning 90 Years Old!

  • Sydney is not the capital of Australia. It is in fact Canberra. Absolute shock horror, right?
  • Aussies do not say “G’day” when they greet each other. Instead they say “How’re you goin'” – Weird. We know.
  • Here, you do not “throw a shrimp on the barbie”. Firstly, they’re referred to as prawns, and although there are barbecues left, right, and centre here, you don’t tend to see any prawns being lobbed towards any barbies.
  • There is probably a venomous snake under your bed. Again, completely wrong. Though there are venomous snakes, spiders, and jellyfish here, the chances of you checking under your bed and getting bitten is extremely unlikely.

So here is our little list of silly myths we were told about Australia which are definitely not true!

If you guys know anymore, definitely leave them in the comments below!


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