Must Have Travel Apps!

Today I’ve compiled a list of essential travel apps, ones I have used and still use! It’s important to note that this post is not sponsored and all views/ opinions are my own.

At number one I have; AirBnb.


This app is amazing for finding last minute, low price houses/ apartments for you to stay at. I have used this one many times and just can’t fault it! Available on both the App Store and Play Store!

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At number two I have; PayPal.
Image result for paypal logoThis app is fantastic and honestly even if you aren’t a traveller you’d be silly not to use it! It protects your credit/ debit card from fraud when buying online, and for using apps like Uber overseas it stops the overseas transaction fee, if you didn’t know! So a fraud stopper and little money saver!




Number three is Uber. 

Image result for uber logoThough I don’t suggest using this one all the time, for important trips/ trips where you have a tight schedule this app is fantastic and prices are fair too! Most countries/ big cities have a lot of drivers available. I know I have this handy little app readily available!

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Number four is Google Maps.

Image result for google maps logoHaving an IPhone, it came with Apple Maps. But if I’m being honest, apples version of maps is just awful. With Google Maps you can save an area so even if you’re in flight mode you can still navigate! If you’re prone to getting lost (like me), you can even save your accommodation place and even pin point it! (I KNOW. Here’s to never getting lost again)



Number five is some form of local bus/ transport app. The one I have is called Bus and Train.

Image result for bus and train app logoHaving one of these apps is smart because you then open up a whole world of public transport and exploring you can do!





And finally, some form of currency converter.

Image result for currency converter appThis app with help you with money spending/ saving. I used mine religiously whilst I got used to the GBP to AUD exchange rate.





If you guys have any other apps, leave them in the comments below as I’m always looking for more!

Thanks for reading!


How to stay safe in major cities…

Staying safe in major cities isn’t quite as daunting as it sounds, today we’re going to share some great tips and tricks to help keep yourself safe in an unfamiliar place!

  • All you’ll want to do for the first couple of days is explore and check out the area, which is great but a good idea is to go carefully, watch the locals and observe how everyone else is behaving. The end goal is to look confident and not like it is your first time. You’ll want to blend in. Unfortunately there are a minority of horrible people out there who will try and take advantage of your uncertainty. So don’t give them reason to believe you are uncertain.
  • Always carry cash. Not hundreds of Dollars/ Pounds/ Euros etc, but enough to make sure if you have to get an emergency taxi home, you can actually afford the taxi. In unknown places it is much better to be safe, than sorry. Especially if travelling alone, when you don’t have someone to fall back on, contact or call. If you keep some cash in your purse but also keep some stashed away in a pocket of your bag, even if you loose your purse, you’ll still have enough to get home. The chances of you needing to get home like that are slim, but again, it is better to be safe, than sorry.
  • For those of you who know and use Google Maps, you’ll know it is a god send, however, it is a very good idea to not be actively following it step by step. A sure-fire way to know you’re on unknown land is relying on your map app. And unfortunately this again, may encourage that small minority to take advantage of you. A better way to navigate is to maybe open the app, check quickly and close it again. Go into the nearest store and check in with someone who works there, often in big cities even the locals will ask for a little bit of help, and most people are more than willing to go the extra mile!
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times, a good idea is to pick a large building or statue close to where you’re staying, make a mental note that it is close to home. Use Google Maps and drop a pin on your home location so if needed, you can remind yourself. Walk confidently and watch the people around you. If something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t, one thing we have learnt is, you should always trust your instinct. That fight or flight feeling is reminiscent of our caveman days, so use them to your advantage. Never do anything you feel unsure about.
  • Don’t trust anyone. Just because they’re saying they are someone or something does not mean that they are. I had an experience like this at an airport in New York, as soon as me and my friend had stepped foot past security a man took my friends bag, she willingly followed him, because this is what taxi drivers do at home. Immediately it felt weird. He took us past the taxi rank and  a black 4 x 4 in an underground car park. There were no signs for taxi on this car, no stamps on the windows or anything. I asked for his taxi licence and he gave me his normal driving licence. He joked about me not liking him to my friend. I asked how much it would be to our hotel, he said $90. Reluctantly, and in hindsight now, we should have refused and been stronger he drove us away, luckily we got to our hotel but he tried to charge us $124 and tips on top. I argued with him, because he had originally said $90. In the end we gave him $90 and managed to escape. We were lucky. So I can’t stress how important it is to not believe what anyone says. If you’re unsure, leave. Say no, and be good at saying no. You don’t owe anybody anything.
  • If someone asks if you’ve ever been here before, lie through your teeth and say yes. Especially if it’s a situation you’re not comfortable in, if people think you know the area they are less likely to try and take advantage of your situation.

These are just a few small pointers and tips that could quite possibly remove you from a dangerous situation. Never be afraid to say no, and never be afraid to trust your instinct.

Safe travels!









Myths about living in Australia…

Before we came out to Australia our friends, family members and co – workers were telling us horror stories and silly myths about this beautiful country. We thought it was only appropriate to share some of them with you guys! (obviously these aren’t true, just stories and silly little lies to keep you up at night)

  • That you have to check under the toilet seat for black widow spiders. Yep, you read that correctly, for the first week or so that toilet was scanned for lil’ creepy crawlies. Alas, we never found any, but the point still stands!
  • You will almost indefinitely get eaten/ attacked by a shark if you step into the ocean. Now, obviously there are hazardous sharks here and shark attacks are a thing. But statistics show you’re more likely to die trying to get a snack out of a vending machine! Ouch.


  • Koalas just roam the streets, along with the Kangaroos. Definite myth, Koalas and Kangaroos are actually pretty hard to find in the wild, let alone on the streets of Melbourne!
  • All Aussies eat is Vegemite. For breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks. Much like Marmite, a lot of people here have a love/ hate relationship with the spread. We’re going to give it a miss, just like Marmite, thank you.

VEGEMITE Is Turning 90 Years Old!

  • Sydney is not the capital of Australia. It is in fact Canberra. Absolute shock horror, right?
  • Aussies do not say “G’day” when they greet each other. Instead they say “How’re you goin'” – Weird. We know.
  • Here, you do not “throw a shrimp on the barbie”. Firstly, they’re referred to as prawns, and although there are barbecues left, right, and centre here, you don’t tend to see any prawns being lobbed towards any barbies.
  • There is probably a venomous snake under your bed. Again, completely wrong. Though there are venomous snakes, spiders, and jellyfish here, the chances of you checking under your bed and getting bitten is extremely unlikely.

So here is our little list of silly myths we were told about Australia which are definitely not true!

If you guys know anymore, definitely leave them in the comments below!


Tips for living in Australia!

As someone who have just moved to Australia and found out a few life saving tips the hard way, I’m going to share them with all you eager travellers!

  1. A “Go Card” is your best friend here. With a go card you are immediately able to use the local transport with no hassle. Costing $10 to buy and then however much you want to top it up, it is an actual must have, and one of the first things you should head out to get.
  2. If you’re in the New South Wales area these cards will be called “Opal”cards. Same concept, same uses, different area.
  3. Research into the exchange rate, become familiar with the currency. If you half the price of what you’re looking at and add a dollar (providing it’s in dollars), if you would pay that price in the UK, then it’s about the same.
  4. Find your local traveller/ information centre. In Brisbane it is situated 
  5. Go and find your local library and become a member. You get computer and printer access (printing out job resumes etc) and unlimited book access! Again great for you lone travellers, as there are normally chunky sections on travel and tourism!
  6. Going outside is very necessary, even if you don’t have a reason to be outside, it is a prime time to connect and make friends, and friends are what you need! Contacts and people in the area! Get on the ferry or bus, find a coffee shop and spend some time enjoying the environment!
  7. Sign up for Medicare as soon as you can. Even if you have insurance, you don’t want to leave it too late and have a last minute rush! Your health and the consequences of not having cover for it will not be your top priority once you start job hunting. A good note to remember is you should read the small print, you’re only eligible with Medicare in public hospitals. You can sign up by printing out the correct form found on their website (find their website HERE).
  8. Buy the strongest possible factor sun cream you can and always carry it with you. I don’t feel I have to explain this one.
  9. ALWAYS. Always. Carry. A. Bottle. Of. Water. With. You. Again, I think this one speaks for itself.
  10. Make an appointment at your local bank branch, be it Commonwealth or what, to open an Australian bank account. Once you start earning money you’ll thank me (and yourself), seeing as Australian businesses can’t put money into your foreign one. A note to make here is whilst you are still in your home country have a parent or guardian signed as an account holder, so they can have complete access to your account come any financial complications! Banks you could sign up for in Australia include, Commonwealth, HSBC, NAB and Suncorp.
  11. Sign up to Flybuys. Use your Flybuyers card in shops like Target, Coles and Kmart to collect points and get money off vouchers in the long run. It is even possible to use these points towards future flights and hotels!
  12. Get a good local area and transport app, we carry our phones around like they are our children, so as long as you have a Wifi or Data connection you will be able to navigate back home with ease!
  13. Make frequent use of the City Cats! Coming and going every twenty ish minutes and running until 10pm these are actual life savers! Grab a map from your closest travel centre.
  14. Go to the supermarket and grab a $2 Australian sim. Not only will this make it easy for employers to contact you, you will be able to sign up for more shopping memberships etc and save more money!
  15. Read into your Visa details, find out and know your rights. If you’re on a 12 month working holiday Visa you can only stay with one employer for six months.
  16. Get to know your working rights as well. You can find these on the Australian Government website here. 
  17. Be careful and watch your money until you have a stable income. Plan meals and expenditure, if you don’t need it – don’t buy it. Again, this is hard but will save you money in the long run!

This is my go-to list of things I wish I had been told about. So from me to you, fellow travellers and wanderers. Have fun and travel safe!

Let me know your top tips in the comments!



March in Music

Here’s how my March is going, in my current favourite songs!!

Cherry Wine   –   Overcoats

7   –   Catfish and the Bottlemen

Kathleen   –   Catfish and the Bottlemen

T – Shirt Weather   –   Circa Waves

Skinny Love   –   Bon Iver

Bubbly   –   Colbie Caillat

Fuel Up   –   Stornoway

Copperhead Road   –   Steve Earl

Guitar Town   –   Steve Earl

R U Mine?   –   Arctic Monkeys

She Moves In Her Own Way   –   The Kooks

Always Like This   –   Bombay Bicycle Club

5 Years Time   –   Noah and The Whale

Electric Feel   –   MGMT

What You Know   –   Two Door Cinema Club

Elvis Isn’t Dead   –   Scouting For Girls

Zorbing   –   Stornoway

Californacation   –   Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Something Good Can Work   –   Two Door Cinema Club

Tokyo – Vampires and Wolves   –   The Wombats

The Sound   –   The 1975

This Love   –   Maroon 5

Mess is Mine   –   Vance Joy

Under The Bridge   –   Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Send Me On My Way   –   Rusted Root

Lullabies – Adventure Club Remix   –   Yuna

Rescue   –   Yuna

Heroes   –   David Bowie

Opposite of Adults   –   Chiddy Bang

Gettin’ Jiggy With It   –   Will Smith

September   –   Earth, Wind & Fire

These are my current playlist faves! Absolute feel good, dance around insanely badly songs!

Let me know your current faves down below!