My six month working holiday to Brisbane, Australia is in full swing on only my third full day. Today I wanna talk about it!

Why did I decide to travel to Australia? 

I have always been a very shy, introverted girl. I have always been afraid of my own company and being independent. From a young age I have struggled with anxiety and I decided the only way to overcome my problems was to tackle them head on. What better way than to fly half way across the globe?

How long did it take to build yourself up to it?

There was no building up, no thinking involved, just pure determination and spur of the moment. If I had allowed myself to sit and stew, I definitely would have overthought it and probably wouldn’t have made it!

What about your friends and family?

With things like this you have to be selfish, its your life. You have to do what you want regardless of other people. Sure I’ll feel homesick, I accept that however, this is huge. This trip is going to change me, my attitude, and the rest of my life. You can’t pass up opportunities like this! If you don’t do it while you can, it’s a long wait till retirement! Plus one of my best friends came out here in December, I couldn’t ask for a better person to share this experience with!

Do you keep in contact with the people at home?

Yes!! And you can follow along with my life & travels over at my instagram here.

How are you finding it?

Insane! I love Brisbane so much, the area is gorgeous, the people are filled with kindness and the motivation to do everything and anything they can for you! I have never been happier or felt more at home in my life. I am glad I can share this experience with you guys. Though it is difficult to say goodbye to everyone, after doing so, you’ll genuinely have the time of your life!

There is so much to do, so many sights to see, coffee bars to try, cafes and restaurants to dine at and beaches to go to! As well as those you have the heat and sun, sometimes all you wanna do is sit in the sun and enjoy the day.

Currently it feels like I’m on a prolonged vacation, I’m sure this will change when I get a job, but even then after work I can come home and jump into the pool, sit in the spa and again just enjoy the sun.

I’ll be sure to update you guys some more next week! For now here are a few pictures of our area!!



  1. Nice to see you made it to Oz after all….and with an awesome laptop might I add!! Lol
    I hope you’re having the time of your life?!
    Your mum was in PC World again today telling me all about your travels and showing off some of the amazing pics you’ve taken so far… I hope you don’t mind me messaging to say how jealous I am….and obviously I hope you’re having an amazing time!
    Scottish Mark


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