Long – Haul Hand Luggage

As many of you know I recently upped my bags and moved to Brisbane, Australia. It was my first long flight so I thought I’d share some hand luggage tips that worked for me!

  1. I used a backpack, not a handbag or shoulder bag. Easier to carry, won’t hurt your back.

edited 1.jpg

2. I had an important documents wallet that I guarded with my life, this included my bank card, passport, flights, VISA, my insurance and AUS dollars.

edited 2.jpg

3. I had plenty of activities to keep my mind stimulated and to prevent boredom, including, books, colouring, a Nintendo console, my laptop etc.

4. A small bag with deodorant, hand cream, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant wipes and face wipes. These are key to feeling fresh for the duration of the flight, just remember to make sure they’re all under 100mls and kept in a small seal-able bag.

I also packed extra pants, socks and a little jumpsuit to change into as I knew Australia was going to be hot!

This seemed to work pretty well for me, there wasn’t anything I needed that I didn’t already have so this would be a great template for any rookie travellers like myself!

(not included but I also had a folder with copies of all my Visa documents, medication prescriptions etc in case they asked at security)

edited 8.jpg

Tell me about your must have travel bits in the comments!


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