Eylure London Review 

If you’re a woman who hears the word “lashes” and doesn’t shy away or cringe I envy you!!

Lashes have been my arch nemesis since I turned 16 and spent pocket money on my first  pair. If you’ve ever failed at putting on lashes, my first experience was much, MUCH, worse than you can imagine. I remember glueing my right eye shut, freaking out and using sheer force and willpower to regain my sight, but having a puffy, red and sore eye for days!

I became brave again last year and I like to think I have caught the general gist of those satanic pieces of hell. I haven’t really branched out much, and I tend to stick to Mac’s natural lashes but at £11 a pop, and with me usually just scraping them off and dropping them in the trash I figured it was time to shop around a little. 

I’m stood in Superdrug, and the “Eylure” section has caught my attention, I’ve used their eyebrow dye before, I’m inclined to trust them. I pick out the 101 pair for £5.35. I leave and go home. I successfully apply them for a night of heavy drinking and clubbing, they last and I fall in love. 

I haven’t looked back.

This review is for my (now) favourite, pair of lashes yet! The Eylure London lashes in 101. From the beginning of my days wearing lashes through to today. 

They’re so light and apply so easily. I had to trim them down a little but that’s just part of the application. I love these so much because they’re just so affordable but look killer!

I 100% recommend these to everyone, beginners and pros, wear with liner, without and add as many coats of mascara as desired. 

And though I personally tend to struggle with reusing (though I am getting better) they stay nice from the first use and don’t get clumpy.

Fashion these for an elegant look with a small cat wing or wear with a gold glitter for a bit of glam.

*all opinions are my own*

Gem x

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