My six month working holiday to Brisbane, Australia is in full swing on only my third full day. Today I wanna talk about it!

Why did I decide to travel to Australia? 

I have always been a very shy, introverted girl. I have always been afraid of my own company and being independent. From a young age I have struggled with anxiety and I decided the only way to overcome my problems was to tackle them head on. What better way than to fly half way across the globe?

How long did it take to build yourself up to it?

There was no building up, no thinking involved, just pure determination and spur of the moment. If I had allowed myself to sit and stew, I definitely would have overthought it and probably wouldn’t have made it!

What about your friends and family?

With things like this you have to be selfish, its your life. You have to do what you want regardless of other people. Sure I’ll feel homesick, I accept that however, this is huge. This trip is going to change me, my attitude, and the rest of my life. You can’t pass up opportunities like this! If you don’t do it while you can, it’s a long wait till retirement! Plus one of my best friends came out here in December, I couldn’t ask for a better person to share this experience with!

Do you keep in contact with the people at home?

Yes!! And you can follow our travels too, we started an Instagram page for our friends and family and we post all of our antics to it!

(I’ll leave the account below)



How are you finding it?

Insane! I love Brisbane so much, the area is gorgeous, the people are filled with kindness and the motivation to do everything and anything they can for you! I have never been happier or felt more at home in my life. I am glad I can share this experience with you guys. Though it is difficult to say goodbye to everyone, after doing so, you’ll genuinely have the time of your life!

There is so much to do, so many sights to see, coffee bars to try, cafes and restaurants to dine at and beaches to go to! As well as those you have the heat and sun, sometimes all you wanna do is sit in the sun and enjoy the day.

Currently it feels like I’m on a prolonged vacation, I’m sure this will change when I get a job, but even then after work I can come home and jump into the pool, sit in the spa and again just enjoy the sun.

I’ll be sure to update you guys some more next week! For now here are a few pictures of our area!!


Long – Haul Hand Luggage

As many of you know I recently upped my bags and moved to Brisbane, Australia. It was my first long flight so I thought I’d share some hand luggage tips that worked for me!

  1. I used a backpack, not a handbag or shoulder bag. Easier to carry, won’t hurt your back.

edited 1.jpg

2. I had an important documents wallet that I guarded with my life, this included my bank card, passport, flights, VISA, my insurance and AUS dollars.

edited 2.jpg

3. I had plenty of activities to keep my mind stimulated and to prevent boredom, including, books, colouring, a Nintendo console, my laptop etc.

4. A small bag with deodorant, hand cream, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant wipes and face wipes. These are key to feeling fresh for the duration of the flight, just remember to make sure they’re all under 100mls and kept in a small seal-able bag.

I also packed extra pants, socks and a little jumpsuit to change into as I knew Australia was going to be hot!

This seemed to work pretty well for me, there wasn’t anything I needed that I didn’t already have so this would be a great template for any rookie travellers like myself!

(not included but I also had a folder with copies of all my Visa documents, medication prescriptions etc in case they asked at security)

edited 8.jpg

Tell me about your must have travel bits in the comments!



Shoes: Pull & Bear

Trousers: New Look

Top: BooHoo Men

Bomber Jacket: M&Co

Bag: Primark

Glasses: ASOS

I like the dress down style of the tee shirt and trousers, can be dressed up if you choose with heels and a fancy updo, I wore it with trainers for a chic – artsy style look. It’s extremely relaxed and great for just running errands. As for the bomber jacket, I can’t express my love for it! So comfy and gorgeous and at such an affordable price! (£30)
Gem x

Eylure London Review 

If you’re a woman who hears the word “lashes” and doesn’t shy away or cringe I envy you!!

Lashes have been my arch nemesis since I turned 16 and spent pocket money on my first  pair. If you’ve ever failed at putting on lashes, my first experience was much, MUCH, worse than you can imagine. I remember glueing my right eye shut, freaking out and using sheer force and willpower to regain my sight, but having a puffy, red and sore eye for days!

I became brave again last year and I like to think I have caught the general gist of those satanic pieces of hell. I haven’t really branched out much, and I tend to stick to Mac’s natural lashes but at £11 a pop, and with me usually just scraping them off and dropping them in the trash I figured it was time to shop around a little. 

I’m stood in Superdrug, and the “Eylure” section has caught my attention, I’ve used their eyebrow dye before, I’m inclined to trust them. I pick out the 101 pair for £5.35. I leave and go home. I successfully apply them for a night of heavy drinking and clubbing, they last and I fall in love. 

I haven’t looked back.

This review is for my (now) favourite, pair of lashes yet! The Eylure London lashes in 101. From the beginning of my days wearing lashes through to today. 

They’re so light and apply so easily. I had to trim them down a little but that’s just part of the application. I love these so much because they’re just so affordable but look killer!

I 100% recommend these to everyone, beginners and pros, wear with liner, without and add as many coats of mascara as desired. 

And though I personally tend to struggle with reusing (though I am getting better) they stay nice from the first use and don’t get clumpy.

Fashion these for an elegant look with a small cat wing or wear with a gold glitter for a bit of glam.

*all opinions are my own*

Gem x

Self Love 101

Self love sounds like a very basic concept. So tell me one thing, if it’s so simple, why are we so eager to neglect it?

Today I want to talk about it, and by it I mean the way we look after ourselves (or don’t).

We’ve all seen Eat, Pray, Love or at least understand the whole “finding ourselves/ our centres” and “loving our body, mind and soul” etc. But does it really take a non stop trip across the globe to do that? I don’t think so.

In a day and age like today we are non stop from the minute we enter the school yard, parents waving us off from the gate, one sock pulled up to our knee, one falling down around our ankle, hair in little plaits, eager minds ready to begin the learning process. But one thing I have noticed in (certainly) my own generation, is that we begin neglecting our minds and beings from a very young age. Mental health is pushed under the rug, our feelings and opinions, oppressed, and I think it is time to stop this.

It is important to teach our children how to love themselves, that their feelings aren’t invalid, it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. If boys want to play with barbie dolls then its okay, and they shouldn’t be picked on for it! As adults now, we can appreciate this, and learn from it. Even create a healthier environment with it!

Now I want to share some of my favourite things to do when I want to become central to my body, and show myself some love.

On cold days I like to wrap up in bed, with a good book and let my mind close itself off from the world for a few hours, or sit with my dogs and observe them, I find watching animals perplexing, they know much less than us, making it easy for them to live simple, pure lives, I find myself extremely happy and can consciously feel my mood lifting when I am around them. I also like to cozy up with my little sister and chat or watch our favourite film together, being in the company of a loved one, even if sat in silence, does wonders for your mind and soul.

Yoga is such a self loving activity, spending time on your own, getting to know your body, its limitations, allowing your mind to connect with your heart and get in some form of exercise even if it feels you aren’t exercising. It allows you to subconsciously gain control over your mind and breathing, just doing 20 minutes of yoga a day for a week will change you for the better, and you notice it too. It’s really easy to take up, there are hundreds of posts and videos online for beginners, gym classes, really anything you might need resource wise!

Finally, a traditional way to show yourself love is by a little pampering, go out and buy a face mask, some candles and have a nice bath. Candles with a light fragrance will always help you create a healthy, safe space. Never forget you can always take a book with you, a laptop with your favorite movie, a hot drink etc. Anything that will help you feel relaxed.

I have to say, I’m a people watcher, and you can really tell apart the people who take a lot of time to love and nourish themselves. They almost emit a physical glow, I find myself drawn to these people. Just imagine if we all took just a little bit of time to love ourselves, our children, friends etc. The possibilities are endless.

We would be a much more love filled place if we all did this. Not just my few examples that work for me, experiment and find what works for you, it could be anything, from buying yourself some flowers now and again to taking a walk on your own everyday.

Let me know some of your favourite ways to love yourselves!


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